LabNotes - Volume 14, No.2, 2004

The Vacutainer® Brand and Trademark

A trademark is any word (Poison), name (Giorgio Armani), symbol or device (Pillsbury Doughboy), slogan (Got Milk?), package design (Coca-Cola bottle) or combination of these that serves to identify and distinguish a specific product from others in the marketplace or in trade.

Source: International Trademark Association, New York, NY

Trademarks were developed to protect the consumer from confusion as to the source of products and services available in the marketplace. Trademarks identify and distinguish the source of goods or services of one party from those of another. Trademarks, otherwise known as brands, are intellectual property and are part of the assets or "good will" of a company.

On LabNotes, and many other pieces of information you receive from BD and on our website, you see the Vacutainer® Brand represented with the registered trademark symbol ®. Vacutainer is a registered trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company. This brand name is officially registered with the US Trademark authority and other local trade authorities worldwide, and is legally owned by BD.


From the Editor

The Basics of Specimen Collection and Handling of Urine Testing

Tool Kit:
BD Vacutainer® Luer-Lok™ Access Device

Immunohematology News

Best Practice:
Lead Testing

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BD Vacutainer® Brand and Trademark


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