E-Commerce Capabilities

BD is proud to offer E-Commerce capabilities to help you, our channel partners, become more efficient, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy and response time for your transactions with BD.

We offer a variety of E-Commerce capabilities and transaction sets as part of our automation portfolio.  BD sends and receives electronic transactions via ANSI X.12 standard EDI formats and via the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX).

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to the computer-to-computer transmission of business information between trading partners.  BD’s EDI transaction portfolio currently includes the following transaction sets:

850 and 875 Purchase Order

855 Order Acknowledgement

810 and 880 Invoice

856 Advanced Shipment Notification

867 and 844 Rebate/Sales Tracing

820 Electronic Funds Transfer

832 Price/Sales Catalog

845 Price Authorization Acknowledgement/Status

852 Product Activity Report

In addition, BD has established real time electronic solutions through the Global Healthcare Exchange.  For additional information, please contact us or visit GHX.com.

Please contact our E-Business Team at 1-800-542-0066, prompt 2 or via e-mail at E_Business_Prod@bd.com for further information regarding implementation on our automated services. 

For EDI production support issues, please contact our EC Integration Services Production Support at 1-800-542-0066, prompt 1 or via e-mail at EDI_Enterprise_Prod@bd.com for assistance.

BD Electronic Ordering Options