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BD PosiFlush™ Pump-Compatible 10 mL Normal Saline Flush Syringe

The first pre-filled flush syringe to receive FDA 510(k) clearance with an indication for use including general compatibility with syringe pumps. (306547)

  • Allows for standardization of 10 mL saline syringes across all departments including pediatric, neonatal and critical care settings.
  • Works with your current pump settings to deliver a smooth, consistent flush.

Zero Reflux

BD PosiFlush™ Saline Syringes offer Positively ZERO Reflux*, which minimizes the potential for clotted catheters.  It’s a concept that must be seen to be believed!
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*Average reflux as measured in 4Fr PICC; data on file at BD.

There's just one choice for your flush syringes: BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Syringes. The uniquely designed BD PosiFlush Syringe provides all the quality and reliability you've come to expect from BD.

Positively Unique...


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Groundbreaking Technology

BD PosiFlush Saline Syringes are the first syringes specifically designed for flushing applications.

  • Terminal sterilization
  • Clear labeling
  • Individually packaged
  • Individually barcoded
  • Standard 10 mL diameter
  • Color-coded for easy identification

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Unique Design

  • All three BD PosiFlush Saline Syringe sizes (3, 5 and 10 mL) come with a traditional 10 mL syringe diameter for optimal pressure distribution allowing the right amount of pressure to be delivered at all times.*

  • Syringes are uniquely shaped to help reduce storage and disposal costs.*

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  BD PosiFlush syringes

High Quality

...for the optimal pressure distribution on the 1st flush.

  • Select from 3, 5 or 10 mL sizes- all with standard 10 mL syringe diameter to comply with PICC manufacturer flushing recommendations.

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  Color photo of two different sized syringes having the same diameter.

Features & Benefits

Color graphic depicting Features and Benefits: Terminal Sterilization; Clear Labeling; Stubby Syringe Profile; Standard 10mL Syringe Diameter; Bar Coding; Unique Plunger Rod Design Reduces Reflux.

BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Saline Syringes offer all the benefits of traditional pre-filled syringes, plus unique features to enhance catheter maintenance protocols.

  • All three sizes comply with PICC manufacturer flushing recommendations for 10 mL diameter syringes.*
  • The BD PosiFlush 3 mL Saline Syringe generates a significantly lower P.S.I. compared to traditional 3 mL syringes due to standard 10 mL diameter.*
  • BD PosiFlush Heparin Lock Syringes offer:
    • Positively Zero Reflux
    • This product does not contain natural rubber latex.*
    • Color-coded labels, tip caps and packaging for easier identification.*
  • Saline and heparin syringes come with clear labeling and a bar code on each syringe to reduce potential medication errors.*

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Clinical Outcomes*

Graphic depicting: Traditional 3mL Syringe Generates 55 P.S.I., BD PosiFlush 3mL Syringe Generates 19.75 P.S.I.

All BD PosiFlush Saline Syringes feature a 10 mL syringe diameter for optimal pressure distribution. Using any BD PosiFlush Saline Syringe assures compliance with PICC manufacturer recommendations for flushing with a 10 mL diameter syringe.*

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Product Offering

Additional Information

* Data on file at BD.

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MSS0135 07/13