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BD PosiFlush™ SureScrub™ Pre-Filled Syringe

BD PosiFlush SureScrub includes a conveniently co-packaged saline flush syringe with the first sterile alcohol pad cleared by the FDA for disinfection of needleless connectors. The right tools to meet your clinical needs... right when you need them.

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BD PosiFlush™ Pre-Filled Saline Syringe

BD PosiFlush Saline Syringes are specifically designed for flushing applications. All three saline syringe sizes (3, 5, and 10mL) come with a standard 10mL syringe diameter. The syringe is designed to allow the right amount of pressure to be delivered.* A pump-compatible 10 mL syringe now also available.

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BD PosiFlush™ SF Saline Flush Syringe

BD PosiFlush SF Saline Flush Syringe designed specifically for flush procedures performed on a sterile field. This syringe is designed to address contamination and medication errors.*

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BD PosiFlush™ Heparin Lock Flush Syringe

BD PosiFlush Heparin Lock Flush syringes are designed to eliminate syringe-induced blood reflux.*

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MSS0135 07/13