Oral and Enteral Syringes

BD offers a broad range of oral and enteral syringes and accessories for safe, rapid, oral medication administration.

Both clear and amber syringes feature easy-to-read scale markings for accuracy.

They're designed to reduce the risk of medication dosing or administrative error, while meeting patient needs for all ages.

Tip caps are included in the package, but are not preattached.

BD Enteral Syringe

NEW BD Enteral Syringe with BD UniVia™ Connector

Non-luer compatible BD UniVia™ connection designed to reduce the risk of tubing set misconnection. Tip caps sold separately.

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Catalog # Capacity Packaging
305851 1 mL  200/box, 1,600/case
305853 3 mL  200/box, 800/case
305855 5 mL  125/box, 500/case
305857 10 mL  100/box, 400/case
305859 20 mL  40/box, 160/case
305861 30 mL  40/box, 160/case
305863 60 mL  40/box, 160/case
302435 Oral Tip Cap 100/box, 1,000/case


Clear oral syringes


Clear Oral Syringe with Tip Cap

500 per case

Catalog # Capacity
305217 1 mL
305220 3 mL
5 mL
305219 10 mL



Amber Oral Syringe with Tip Cap

500 per case

Amber syringes meet USP requirements for photo-sensitive medications

Catalog # Capacity
305207 1 mL
305210 3 mL
5 mL
305209 10 mL



Oral Syringe Filling Connector

Catalog # 305223




MSS0108    06/2012

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