Increasing Access to Critical Technology

Increasing access to critical technology.To strengthen healthcare systems in the developing world, BD's Global Health Initiative makes critical and appropriate technology available on an affordable and sustainable basis. These resources - including diagnostic tools and medical devices - improve the rational use of medicine and delivery of healthcare in resource-limited settings.

BD collaborations include...


BD has a long-standing relationship with the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND). The original agreement was designed to improve the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in developing countries. TB is the leading cause of death for people living with AIDS. BD and FIND established demonstration sites in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia to introduce advanced culture technology for rapid diagnosis and drug sensitivity testing of TB. BD and FIND have since expanded their agreement to include funding for laboratory strengthening and a pricing agreement for liquid culture TB diagnostics.


William J. Clinton Foundation

BD entered into an agreement with the William J. Clinton Foundation to expand accessibility of advanced CD4 cell counting technology for immune system monitoring of people living with HIV/AIDS. This agreement resulted in deeply discounted pricing - approximately 75% - for developing world countries compared with developed world pricing. BD also supports this agreement with training and equipment servicing.