In South America, Africa, Asia-Pacific...
and other regions of the world, BD is working to improve
monitoring of the estimated 40 million people who are HIV-
positive. In South America, the Caribbean and Mexico alone,
BD flow cytometers and reagents are used for CD4 cell tests in
approximately 290 laboratories running approximately 860,000
tests; BD also provides educational support.

Providing treatment to people with AIDS, besides saving many lives, is a crucial ingredient in preventing the spread of HIV. The possibility of living a longer, healthier life gives people a much greater incentive to be tested for HIV. Once brought in for testing and, if needed, treatment, people potentially at risk of getting or transmitting HIV can be educated about safe sex and other prevention measures.

BD products help support the continuum of care for HIV/AIDS.


Preventing the Spread

Reuse of single-use injection devices is a leading cause of disease spread.  According to World Health Organization estimates, in the year 2000 alone, reused medical devices led to 260,000 new cases of HIV/AIDS, two million hepatitis C infections and 21 million hepatitis B infections.

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Diagnosing Infections

In addition to basic diagnosis, diagnostic testing is used as a quality control to know when drugs should be administered and whether they are working.  The absence of diagnostics can lead to the inappropriate provision of medications, which, in turn, can lead to drug resistance.  This is especially common in TB patients, but has also emerged in first line therapies for HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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Monitoring Therapy

Immune system monitoring is an essential component of treating people living with HIV/AIDS.  Accurate measurement of a patient’s CD4 count enables clinicians to determine when to initiate antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.  ARV treatment minimizes susceptibility to opportunistic and potentially lethal infections, enabling HIV/AIDS patients to sustain a productive life.  CD4 testing is also useful in evaluating the effectiveness of and adherence to ARV therapy.

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Researching the Disease

Research tools, such as flow cytometer systems, continue to help researchers understand HIV/AIDS and help clinical laboratories collect and analyze valuable data.


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