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BD BACTEC™ Instrumented Blood Culture Systems

BD BACTEC™ Instrumented Blood Culture Systems
The BACTEC blood culture system is a fully automated microbiology growth and detection system designed to detect microbial growth from blood specimens. The BACTEC™ FX and the BACTEC™ 9000 family of continuous monitoring blood culturing instruments offering performance, safety, reliability, ease of use, media quality and service.

Fluorescent Technology and eXceptional Performance, Improving Workflow Efficiencies from Specimen Collection to Actionable Results

Blood culture testing is one of the most important functions of the microbiology laboratory as clinicians rely on this information to aid in the diagnosis of bacteremia and fungemia. The BACTEC FX System builds on the proven history of previous BACTEC instrumentation; it goes much further with exciting innovations such as: Vial-activated workflow, advanced ergonomics, remote alarms and blood culture observation, and customer-focused data management. The instrument design provides optimal, easy-to-use workflow in a compact, modular design. The BACTEC FX System can be adapted for multiple configurations that are space saving and conserve time for the laboratory staff.

BD BACTEC™ 9000 Series Instrumented Blood Culture Systems

Continuous Monitoring Technology

BACTEC 9000 Systems feature the unique BACTEC 9000 fluorescent sensor technology that allows for fully-automated, walk-away testing using a continuous-monitoring instrument that agitates and incubates BACTEC/F blood culture bottles, resulting in earlier detection of positives.

The BACTEC instrument also provides advanced algorithms for individual bottle types, for special circumstances such as low blood volume, pediatric specimens, or to detect slow growing organisms such as Haemophilus and Neisseria. These algorithms provide rapid detection of pathogens in blood culture.

Data management systems with barcode scanning capabilities provide rapid entry of bottles into the BACTEC 9000 series instrument and linkage to patient information. Bidirectional LIS interface eliminates 80% of key strokes for the computer operator and allows personnel on all shifts and with differing levels of experience to quickly master data/ bottle entry, thus reducing labor and improving time-to-results.

Automated BIT testing provides QC for every well in the system every 10 minutes, eliminating the need for several QC procedures. This QC conforms to CLIA '88 regulations.

Simple Operation

In the BACTEC 9000 instrument, step-by-step directions for bottle processing and test initiation are provided by scanning the barcode test menu.

Patient demographics can be entered into the system using the BACTEC Barcode Scanner or directly downloaded from the LIS system. They can also be entered via keyboard, if desired.

Bottles are tested every 10 minutes. Positive results are flagged for quick processing. Negative bottles can be batch-scanned out of the system and unloaded at the end of protocol.

The BACTEC™ 9000 Fluorescent Series is available in connectable modules to accommodate any laboratory's blood culture test volume:

  • The BACTEC 9240 System, which accommodates 240 test bottles.
  • The BACTEC 9120 System, which accommodates 120 test bottles.
    (Up to 5 BACTEC 9240/9120 System instruments can be networked together through a single PC module, for ease-of-use in large laboratories.)
  • The BACTEC 9050 System, which accommodates 50 test vials, features an extremely small footprint (Only 4 1/4 square feet of tabletop needed - and no external computer required!). It is suitable for the smaller laboratory: one performing less than 150 blood cultures per month.
This unit offers the same technological advantages of non-invasive, continuous monitoring blood culture testing as the larger BACTEC 9000 systems and is supported by the same full line of BACTEC media. BACTEC 9050 operation is based on an easy-to-use icon interface and barcode scanner.

BD BACTEC/F Blood Culture Media

The BACTEC/F line of blood culture media is used with the BACTEC 9000 Fluorescent Series Systems. These media permit screening for bacteria, yeast and fungi present in the blood. This line includes standard broth media, resin media and media specifically designed for small blood volume inoculation.

The patented BACTEC resin media have been shown to effectively neutralize a wide variety of antibiotics, allowing growth of microorganisms that would not occur with conventional media.

BACTEC resin media achieve significantly higher isolation rates in antibiotic patients than systems using only broth dilution. This greater recovery leads to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, which can in turn lead to shorter hospital stays, lower patient costs and greater overall laboratory and institutional efficiency.

BD BACTEC™ Plus Aerobic/F and Plus Anaerobic/F Medium

BACTEC Plus Aerobic/F and Plus Anaerobic/F media are all-purpose enriched soybean-casein digest broth media. These media contain resins for antibiotic neutralization, providing increased recovery as compared with Standard media.

BACTEC Plus Aerobic/F Medium is capable of supporting growth of common obligate aerobic and facultative organisms; BACTEC Plus Anaerobic/F Medium is capable of supporting growth of common obligate anaerobic and facultative organisms.

BD BACTEC Peds Plus™/F Medium

BACTEC Peds Plus/F media are specialized media that accommodate small-volume samples (≤ 3 mL of blood), to optimize detection of common pediatric pathogens. The medium is an enriched soybean-casein digest broth and contains resins for antibiotic neutralization.

BD BACTEC Lytic/10 Anaerobic/F Medium

This medium contains a lysing agent to increase the detection and recovery of organisms partially phagocytized by white blood cells. It is an enriched soybean-casein digest broth that will support the growth of obligate anaerobic and facultative organisms. It accommodates up to 10 mL of blood.

BD BACTEC™ Standard/10 Aerobic/F and Standard/10 Anaerobic/F Medium

These general purpose media provide excellent recovery and times-to-detection.
Other BACTEC media include:

  • BACTEC Myco/F-Sputa Culture Medium, for use with the BACTEC 9000MB System to detect mycobacteria species in clinical samples.
  • BACTEC Myco/F Lytic.
BD BACTEC™ Blood Culture Procedural Trays

BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Trays reduce the chances of contaminating a blood culture by providing all of the components necessary to draw blood for culture, in a convenient tray format. The trays standardize procedures hospital-wide and increase compliance with physician requests.

Using the Bactec Blood Culture Procedural Trays optimizes media performance for the best combination of recovery and time-to-detection. The BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Trays minimize needle-stick potential and reduce inventory and supply costs by providing a capitated kit cost for blood culturing.

BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Trays include:

  • Persist™ Skin Prep Swab, 10% Povidone Iodine swab with 70% alcohol is the ideal solution for dependable, standardized decontamination. The one-step application makes compliance with aseptic-collection techniques easy, improving the quality of patient results.
  • Vacutainer™ Brand Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Set, which enhances safety by reducing the risk of an accidental needle stick. The set includes an integrated multi-sample Luer-Lok™ adapter to collect the specimen directly into the BACTEC culture vials.
  • BACTEC Procedure Chart, which reinforces the use of proper aseptic technique and standardizes blood collection practices.
  • BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Tray #1 contains Plus Aerobic/F and Lytic/10 Anaerobic/F media. BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Tray #2 contains Standard/10 Aerobic/F and Standard Anaerobic/F media. BACTEC Blood Culture Procedural Tray #3 contains Peds Plus/F media.


BACTEC™ Fluorescent Series Bar Coded Blood Culture Media
BACTEC™ Fluorescent Series Bar Coded Blood Culture Media

BD EpiCenter™ Microbiology Data Management System
BD EpiCenter™ Microbiology Data Management System
BD EpiCenter™ software provides advanced data management for all BD Microbiology systems. The software improves instrument workflow and delivers workload and epidemiology reporting.

The basic configuration of the software provides all the communication and reporting capabilities optimized for supporting BD BACTEC™ and BD BACTEC MGIT™ systems.

The PLUS configuration of EpiCenter software provides support for both manual and automated microbiology testing and is optimized for use with tthe BD Phoenix™ ID and Susceptibility System. This configuration enables users to customize the test menu and to develop additional custom epidemiology reports using the included software customization programming.

Blood Culture Accessories
Blood Culture Accessories