Spinal Needles and Trays

Standardizing to BD components in BD trays can save up to 20% on your spinal tray costs.1 BD can review your spinal anesthesia product use and your procedural preferences, and suggest alternatives that may improve the efficiency of your current practice.


BD custom tray programs help to reduce waste through standardization of tray components.

BD spinal anesthesia tray
  • Full line of Whitacre and Quincke standard trays available
  • Whitacre point yields a distinct "pop" as it punctures the dura
  • Pencil point is designed to spread the dural fibers and helps reduce post-dural puncture headaches.2
  • Precision-formed side hole permits directional flow of anesthetic and reduces the possibility of the bevel straddling the dura
  • All trays contain prep section, povidone iodine topical solution, and fenestrated drape. Sharps stick pad and adhesive bandage not included in BD Single-Deck configuration.

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BD offers a wide range of spinal needles to meet your procedure requirements, including:

BD Whiteacre Needle


Whitacre Pencil Point Spinal Needles
Help Reduce Post-Procedure Headaches 2

  • Designed to spread the dural fibers and help reduce the occurrence of post dural puncture headache
  • Distinct "pop" as the pencil point penetrates the dura
  • Precision-formed side hole helps directional flow of anesthetic agents and helps reduce the possibility of straddling the dura
  • Designed to track straight when advancing through ligaments toward the dura
  • Translucent window hub features contact clarity that helps allow visualization of CSF
  • Needle gauges 22 to 27 G.
  • Needle lengths 3½ in. to 5 in.
  • Also sold in single, sterile package

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BF Quincke Needle


Quincke Needles
Trust Them for Solid Performance Every Time

  • Key/Slot arrangement of stylet and cannula hubs facilitates proper needle bevel orientation
  • Translucent window hub features contact clarity that helps allow visualization of CSF
  • Fitted stylet reduces tissue coring
  • Needle gauges 18 to 27 G.
  • Needle lengths 1 in. to 7 in.
  • Also sold in single, sterile package

1. Based on Whitacre needle substitution. Data on file at BD.
2. Hurley R et al. Post Dural Puncture Headache in the Obstetric Patient: Spinal vs. Epidural Needles. Anesthesiology. V77, No 3A, Sept 1993

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