Patient Safety

BD is a recognized leader in healthcare worker safety. What is less known is that we have done just as much for patient safety and infection prevention, which are even bigger and broader issues. Our efforts go far beyond product solutions to services, training and advocacy with public health policymakers.  Amber Hogan, Manager, Health Affairs

Patient Safety
Each year, nearly 2 million patients in the U.S. contract an infection while in a hospital. Of these, nearly 90,000 die as a result of their infections.

Patient safety has been a focus of BD's innovation for years, not only in the U.S. but around the world. For example, BD in China launched an integrated catheter design that for the last several years has been one of the Company's most successful products in the Asia-Pacific region. The product significantly improved medical practice in China. Additional features have now been added and the product has evolved into the BD Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System (CIVCS). Great ideas canand docome from everywhere.

BD is enhancing its leadership in patient safety with several current initiatives. Patient safety is a growing concern throughout the European community and most major world markets. Many quality-based standards organizations are adding patient safety to healthcare performance measures.

Bloodstream contamination introduced through an IV line is of particular concern. IV lines must be constantly maintained to guard against microorganisms when administering a drug, cleaning the system or withdrawing blood. Open IV systems can temporarily expose the patient to airborne contaminants. In Europe, Japan and the U.S., many systems are permanently open, putting patients at greater risk. In addition to closing the fluid path, the BD Nexiva™ CIVCS incorporates BD sharp needle technology and a patented cannula tipping process. The risk of other patient complicationsvein irritation and phlebitismay be lowered because design features reduce the need for manipulation at the insertion site. Breakthrough products such as the BD Nexiva™ CIVCS help to improve healthcare worker safety through integrated sharps safety features.

The BD PosiFlush™ prefilled syringe is another significant innovation in IV therapy. The BD PosiFlush™ saline syringe is the first syringe specifically designed with unique features to enhance catheter maintenance protocols. Available with normal saline and heparin lock solutions, all BD PosiFlush™ prefilled syringes are latex and preservative-free, color-coded for easy identification, and designed to significantly reduce blood reflux and its associated complications.

In another major area of patient safetyreducing errors in specimen collection and management–the™ Patient Identification System has been implemented by Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut. The hospital chose the™ system based on its simplicity and its ability to minimize medical risk and address all potential failure points. The other two hospitals that have implemented the™ systemThe Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey and South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, Georgiaachieved close to a 100 percent reduction in specimen collection errors.

Recognizing the importance of hand hygiene, BD plays another role in patient safety by being the largest single-source provider of surgical hand antiseptic products, including BD E-Z Care™ Rinseless, Brushless Antiseptic.


BD Nexiva

The BD Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System is designed to lower the risk of patient infection by reducing the potential for fluid pathway contamination.

BD Q-Syte

The BD Q-Syte™ Closed Luer Access device is an IV access site that eliminates the need for needles and can also help prevent bloodstream infections caused by contamination of IV lines.

BD PosiFlush

BD PosiFlush™ Prefilled Saline and Heparin Lock Flush syringes help protect both patient and healthcare worker and are the first delivery devices that BD is both manufacturing and filling.

The™ Patient Identification Systemthe first to fully integrate bar-coding technology with specimen collection standardsis in its first in-hospital applications.

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